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Make Up Policy

To be eligible for a makeup lesson, we require at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. While we understand that illnesses can occur unexpectedly, if you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time, there is no guarantee of a makeup lesson, and you will still be charged for the missed lesson.

In the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances that cause the instructor to cancel a lesson, we will notify you as soon as possible and offer a makeup lesson at a mutually convenient time. However, we cannot guarantee a makeup lesson for all situations but we will always do our best.

If our instructor arrives for a scheduled lesson and finds that the pool is closed or there is a no-call no-show, the client will still be charged for the lesson, and there will be no makeup lesson provided.

At Christine Stokes’ Empowered Aquatics, we strive to be fair and accommodating to both our clients and our instructors’ time. Thank you for your understanding!

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