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Empowered Tots (Under 3 years of age)

Welcome to Empowered Tots, where we offer one-on-one swimming classes for children under three years of age who are ready to swim independently. Our program focuses on creating a safe and comfortable environment that motivates children to learn essential water safety and survival skills. Our experienced instructors use positive reinforcement and tailor each class to the child’s individual needs and interests, making it a fun and engaging experience. We also provide parent education and support to help reinforce these skills outside of class. With our guidance and support, your child will become a strong and confident swimmer. Join us at Empowered Tots and watch your child thrive in a motivating and empowering environment!

What you will learn in the Empowered Tots Class:

+ Water safety skills, including what to do if they fall in the water and how to swim to the edge of the pool
+ Floating techniques to help them stay afloat in the water
+ Submersion skills, including diving under water and holding their breath
+ Proper kicking techniques to help them move through the water
+ Pulling techniques to help them move their arms through the water
+ Breath control techniques to help them become comfortable holding their breath while in the water
+ Learning when to take a breath while swimming
+ Streamlining techniques to help them move more efficiently through the water
+ Techniques for independent swimming in a safe and comfortable environment
+ Personalized attention from experienced instructors who tailor each class to the child’s needs and interests
+ Parent education and support to reinforce these skills outside of class
+ Building confidence and self-esteem as they master new skills and overcome fears.


+ Teaches essential water safety skills, reducing the risk of drowning.
+ Builds strong muscles, coordination, and balance, leading to improved physical fitness and motor skills.
+ Enhances cognitive development, including problem-solving skills, memory, and spatial awareness.
+ Promotes emotional development by building confidence and self-esteem and providing opportunities to overcome fears.
+ Encourages social development by providing a fun and engaging environment for toddlers to socialize, take turns, and follow instructions.
+ Has positive effects on emotional health and improving mood.
+ Builds cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength and tone.
+ Improves flexibility and range of motion.
+ Enhances coordination and motor skills.

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