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Aqua Skills (3 -103 years old)

Welcome to Aqua Skills, a swimming program for ages 3 to 103, embracing swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Our experienced instructors tailor classes to focus on water safety, survival skills, technique, and endurance, creating a safe and comfortable environment where learning is an enjoyable experience.We use positive encouragement to boost confidence and performance, empowering you to overcome fears and advance towards your goals. Dive into an exciting adventure with Aqua Skills, where you’ll acquire new skills and flourish in a supportive and motivating environment, no matter your starting point!

What you will learn in the Aqua Skills Class:

+ Water safety skills, including how to recognize and avoid hazards in the water, what to do if you fall in the water, and how to swim to the edge of the pool in case of emergency situations.
+ Submersion skills, including diving under water and regulating breath
+ Develop survival skills, such as floating, treading water, and swimming to safety.
+ Practice breath control techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed in the water, as well as learn when and how to take a breath while swimming.
+ Develop streamlining techniques to help you move through the water more efficiently, reduce drag, and improve your speed.
+ Proper technique for various swim strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
+ Build endurance through training to improve cardiovascular fitness and stamina in the water.
+ Master diving techniques, including proper form and how to enter the water safely.
+ Improve kicking and pulling techniques to increase overall stroke efficiency and power.
+ Flip turn techniques to transition from one lap to another during swim practice.


+ Teaches essential water safety skills, reducing the risk of drowning, and promoting a safe swimming environment.
+ Builds strong muscles, coordination, and balance, leading to improved physical fitness and motor skills.
+ Enhances cognitive development by stimulating problem-solving skills, memory, and spatial awareness. Swimming involves complex movements and techniques that can improve overall cognitive function.
+ Promotes emotional development by building confidence and self-esteem and providing opportunities to overcome fears. Mastering new skills and overcoming obstacles can be a great confidence booster for kids and adults alike.
+ Encourages social development by providing a fun and engaging environment for swimmers to socialize, take turns, and follow instructions.
+ Has positive effects on emotional health and improving mood. Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and promote relaxation, which can be especially beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety or other health issues.
+ Builds cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength and tone. Swimming requires constant movement, which can help build cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength and tone.
+ Improves flexibility and range of motion.
+ Enhances coordination and motor skills.
+ Provides a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints.

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