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Aqua Bonding (3 months-30 months)

Aqua Bonding is a special parent-child class that helps families develop a healthy relationship with water and learn essential water safety skills. Our play-based approach creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for children and parents, promoting water exploration and motor skill development. Children learn water safety skills while parents gain valuable techniques to help their child feel confident in the water. At Christine Stokes’ Empowered Aquatics, we believe that developing a love and respect for the water is an essential life skill. Our classes promote water safety, physical development, and emotional bonding, providing a positive and enriching experience for both parents and children. Join us for a fun and rewarding experience!

What you will learn in the Aqua Bonding Class:

+ Techniques for holding your child safely in the water.
+ Proper breath control techniques and cues to help your child become comfortable holding their breath while in the water.
+ Strategies for communication and engaging with your child in the water
+ Fundamental swimming skills to help your child become confident and comfortable in the water.
+ Essential water safety skills, such as floating, kicking, submersion, and techniques to encourage water exploration and develop essential motor skills.
+ Communication strategies to effectively engage with your child in the water.
+ Important water safety tips and techniques to keep your child safe in and around the water.
+ Interactive songs and games that make learning fun and engaging, promoting positive associations with the water and fostering a love for swimming.
+ Strategies to promote emotional bonding with your child through swimming.


+ Promotes water safety and helps prevent drowning.
+ Builds strong muscles, coordination, and balance in infants.
+ Enhances cognitive development, including spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and memory.
+ Fosters emotional bonding between parent and child.
+ Boosts confidence and self-esteem in infants, which can translate into other areas of life.
+ Provides an opportunity for infants to socialize with other children and adults in a safe and controlled environment.
+ Personalized attention from experienced instructors.
+ Opportunities for parents to work alongside their child and learn valuable techniques and skills.
+ Creates a fun and interactive environment that encourages water exploration and bonding.
+ Develops a healthy relationship with water and promotes water safety.
+ Offers a positive and enriching experience for both parents and children.

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