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Aqua Abilities (Special Abilities)

Welcome to Aqua Abilities, a one-on-one swimming program for individuals with unique needs, including but not limited to Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, physical disabilities, or sensory impairments. We’re committed to helping everyone become a happy, safe, and confident swimmer, regardless of age or ability. Our Empowered aquatics methods, tailored for comfort and safety, are taught by experienced instructors who adapt to each swimmer’s abilities and learning style. We focus on essential water safety and survival skills. Join Aqua Abilities and experience a swim program that helps you overcome challenges, acquire new skills, and enjoy the water in a safe, empowering environment!

What you will learn in the Aqua Abilities Class:

+ Water safety skills tailored to address unique challenges and risks associated with various needs.
+ Survival skills, such as floating, treading water, and safely getting to the edge of the pool, to ensure safety in the water.
+ Individualized instruction and support, adapting to each student’s learning style and abilities.
+ Techniques for regulating breathing and staying calm in the water, especially helpful for individuals with sensory processing or anxiety challenges.
+ Modified stroke and technique options to accommodate physical limitations and maximize strengths.
+ Development of motor skills, coordination, and balance through exercises specifically designed for students with physical disabilities.
+ Techniques for improving sensory integration and addressing sensory processing challenges.
+ Opportunities for socialization and building social skills in a supportive, inclusive environment.


+ Development of confidence and self-esteem through mastery of new skills and overcoming challenges
+ Individualized instruction and support to accommodate each swimmer’s unique needs and learning style
+ Essential water safety and survival skills to reduce the risk of accidents and promote independence in the water
+ Improved physical fitness, coordination, balance, and motor skills
+ Enhanced cognitive development, including problem-solving skills, memory, and spatial awareness
+ Promotes emotional development by building confidence and self-esteem and providing opportunities to overcome fears and challenges
+ Encourages social development by providing a fun and engaging environment for swimmers to socialize, take turns, and follow instructions
+ Positive effects on emotional health, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving mood
+ Builds cardiovascular endurance, strength, and muscle tone
+ Improves flexibility, range of motion, and coordination
+ Life-long skills and abilities to enjoy the water safely and confidently

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