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I began my journey as a swim coach in 2005 and fell in love with it! Coaching swimming brings me pure joy, and I am truly passionate about teaching this life-saving skill. In addition to being a coach, I am a mom of two, a former behavior therapist, and school teacher. Over the years, I have seen the limited progress of students in oversized classes with little individual attention coupled with short lesson lengths. As a coach, I was frustrated with this model of teaching and believed that swimming could be both a more effective and an enjoyable experience!

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Our Services

Christine Stokes Provides These Services

Aqua Bonding
(3 months-30 months)

Aqua Bonding is a special parent-child class that helps families develop a healthy relationship with water and learn essential water safety skills.

Empowered Tots
(Under 3 years of age)

Welcome to Empowered Tots, where we offer one-on-one swimming classes for children under three years of age who are ready to swim independently.

Aqua Skills
(3 -103 years old)

Welcome to Aqua Skills, a swimming program for ages 3 to 103, embracing swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Our experienced instructors…

Aqua Abilities
(Special Abilities)

Welcome to Aqua Abilities, a one-on-one swimming program for individuals with unique needs, including but not limited to Autism, Down Syndrome..

Customer Reviews

What customers say about Christine Stokes

We love working with you. You have a unique skill set and ability to work with children that is highly valued and critical to teaching the importance of water safety and swimming.I loved the use of positive reinforcement; you have a great balance of positive and neutral feedback. The use of motivation through positive praise and encouragement supported both kids soooo very well. The positive relationship you created with both kids made you reinforcing for them which helped them push themselves harder

Crystal G

Our youngest struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety and you were more than patient and understanding in meeting her with where she was at and balancing her needs with the expectations of the lesson. Our girls are also at different levels of abilities and you do a great job working with them individually on what they need for the next step of growth.

Rachel W